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Current & Past Staff

Staff Tag Disclaimer

ozfortress has seen dozens of staff members over the last couple decades, and without them it would not be where it is today. Below you'll find the current and past staff members listed with contact info. Please note, if a "staff" member is not on this page, they are not a staff member and you should report them to the League Director.

ozfortress staff are no longer expected to run the "ozfortress" tag in their Steam alias, so this page is the best resource to check if a staff member is who they say they are.

If you are found actively trying to impersonate, apply affiliation with, or deceive community members by acting as a member of the ozfortress staff, you will be punished.

Team Leads/Heads

Have an issue that isn't within the Sixes or Highlander realm? Good chance our Team Leads/Heads will have an answer for you. As always, we ask that you go through either #sixes-support / #highlander-support / #ticket-support within our Discord first before contacting one of us directly.

Role Name Discord
League Director core @coreobs
Sixes Head Admin multi @canyouprovethatimdriving
Highlander Head Admin Sperkle @sperkle
Head of Anti-Cheat catfish @catfishau
Head of Behaviour Panel core @coreobs
Media Coordinator Sperkle @sperkle

League Admins

As mentioned in our competitive league rulesets, League Administrators in tandem with each league's Head Administrator and League Director, are responsible for the effective running of ozfortress seasonal competitions.

League Name Discord
Sixes Celph @celph
Sixes down @down11
Sixes emgee @emgee
Sixes Hawk @hawk_33
Sixes HUNGRY4EGGS @hungry4eggs
Sixes raina @raina_exe
Sixes wils @wils
Highlander hive @hive_au
Highlander Kai @head_empty_no_thoughts
Highlander Oldcustard @oldcustard
Highlander Rainy @rainy26

New Player Experience Team

Our New Player Experience Team was formed to help us further bridge the gap between competitive TF2 and the casual community. Good chance, if we're running team drives, icebreakers or cups, these guys are involved!

Public Behaviour Panel members

There are currently three Behaviour Panel members who are public, with two members who are not. We leave this decision purely up to the individual, however we do ask that those in an administration role (or those who were) are public-facing if possible. We will always strive to have an equal ratio of staff/non-staff members, if not strive for more members who are not serving in an administration role.

Name Discord
core (Head of Behaviour Panel) @coreobs
snazzy (Panel member) @thelampshade22
ory (Advisor) N/A
samson (Advisor) N/A

Those above marked with Advisor are only on the panel in an advisory capacity. Advisors are only called upon in difficult/edge cases or when we need another opinion. Those in the Advisor role will only ever be past long-serving panel members, panel leads, Head Admins, etc.

Please DO NOT contact panel members or advisors directly. The only public point of contact should ever be the Head of the Behaviour Panel or League Director. This is so all reports, queries, etc - go through the appropriate avenues and processes.

Media Team

The team that helps make everything media-related for ozfortress happen. Be it our socials, YouTube, or coordinating other PR tasks, it's one of these brilliant people.

Name Discord
Sperkle (Media Coordinator) @sperkle
Beater @beater
Brady @bradyyyy.
joshrofllmao @joshroflmao

Development Team

The team responsible for bringing you Citadel, updates to it, and production of our other services.

Role Name
Developer /dev/zero
Developer Shigbeard
Front-End Developer tetrx

Past Staff

  • /dev/zero (Citadel and Source Server Controller)
  • a team of ants in their prime (Sixes Heaad Admin & Head of Behaviour Panel)
  • amd
  • Aragon
  • arnold
  • baf
  • Bakes
  • bird (Highlander Head Admin)
  • bladez (Livelogs and ozfortress booker)
  • blitzen
  • Brodogs
  • catfish (Leaague Director)
  • chimes
  • Cole
  • ferelah
  • fez
  • Fozzlm (Media Coordinator)
  • frydog
  • gabbo
  • hatchet
  • Hawk (Head of Behaviour Panel)
  • hcaz
  • Ishanu
  • Jump!
  • Kenneth (Leaague Director)
  • kam
  • kocka
  • lammy
  • LiquidAlchemy
  • mercury (Co-Founder of ozfortress)
  • micko
  • munz
  • No Mercy
  • nsk
  • obla (Leaague Director)
  • OnionS
  • Platinum/shy
  • Psyfox
  • ravelizard
  • RynoCerus
  • samson (Head of Behaviour Panel)
  • Seraphim
  • sage
  • shrak
  • skaz
  • snazzy
  • Solus
  • stv!
  • tempest (Co-Founder of ozfortress)
  • Thyme
  • Thermite
  • TomSawyer
  • tonberry
  • ToyotaMan
  • Varris
  • warbot
  • wiggin
  • wm
  • wolfeh
  • yauch