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Demo Requests FAQ

What is a POV demo file, and why do I need to record them?

POV (or Point of View) demo files are files which accurately replicate your gameplay via your point of view throughout a match. We require these files are recorded by all players, as they allow us the most accurate evidence when needing to review a player, Anti-Cheat or otherwise.

How do I record my POV demo files?

With the move to 64bit TF2, we've written a guide on how to use the in-game demo system included with TF2, which can be found here. P-REC is officially deprecated, and may no longer work on the 32bit TF2 client going forward.

Why do we request demos from players/teams?

There are only a few reasons why we request player demos:

  • Weekly/Fortnightly Random Demo Request
    • These checks will not be announced beforehand, and players are randomly selected by a script. For more information, raise a staff member in our Discord.
  • Match Dispute resolution
    • In most if not all cases, we will use SourceTV (STV) demo files to do this, or player steams/logs, before requesting POV demo files.
  • Anti-Cheat Demo Request
    • Received a message from the Head of Anti-Cheat or League Director? Don't fret, this can happen for a number of reasons. Please note however, the same Demo Fulfilment Guidelines apply here as well.

Demo Fulfilment Guidelines

If you have received a POV demo request, regardless of its type - you must follow the steps below.


The process below needs to be completed within 72 hours of receiving the message or prior to your next official match (whichever occurs first).

  1. Thoroughly read through the message you received from one of our administrators, along with any additional instructions they may have provided.
  2. Upload the correct POV demo files to Google Drive, Discord, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega,, or MediaFire then send them to the administrator requesting the demos.
  3. Double check all details and POV demos are present.

Are SourceTV, recordings or streams acceptable?

No, ozfortress only accepts POV demo files. No other form of match replay is acceptable, and failing to provide POV demo files upon request will result in penalties outlined below.

Failure to submit POV demo files penalty

Players or teams who fail to submit their POV demo files upon request by an administrator within 72 hours of receiving the message or prior to your next official match (whichever occurs first) will result in one of the penalties listed here.

Further questions, concerns or issues?

Open a General Support ticket in our discord. If you feel you are being unfairly targeted by an administrator, please feel free to contact the League Director directly!