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Global Ruleset

Please Note/Disclaimer

The following ruleset outlines the organisation and guidelines that players will need to follow for all ozfortress seasonal leagues, tournaments and competitions. Please have a good working understanding of these rules before entering yourself into the competition.

The purpose of this global ruleset is to collate rule clauses that are typically used for all competitions and are considered by league administration as universal.

We will endeavour to let players know of any changes through a front-page news post.

Ignorance of clauses within this ruleset is not an excuse.

ozfortress is not affiliated with or sponsored by Valve Corporation.

Format Specificity

Rules within this Global ruleset that do not specify Sixes or Highlander should be taken at face value as general competitive rules. In any instance where a rule is specifically for either format, we have made sure to specify it as such. There are specific Sixes and Highlander rulesets within our rulesets which contain rules specifically for that format, be it play style, class limits, whitelists, map pools, format specific gamemode rules (eg. 5CP for Sixes, Stopwatch for Highlander) and more specific information on Tiebreakers within the league tables.

1. Seasonal Leagues

1.1. Regular Season

Regular seasons are split into skill brackets (referred to as divisions) depending on the number of teams that sign up, the format itself, and length of the competition.

For regular season length, further information on the bracket systems used & Weekly Fixtures, see each formats respective ruleset for more information:

1.2. Playoffs Format

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top four placing teams of each division advance to the playoffs.

Playoff matches will each be a best of three (Best of 3) map scenario, with the exception of the Sixes Premier Grand Final Grand Final, which is played as a five (Best of 5) map scenario.

Playoffs for all divisions and seasonal league formats will be played using the Page playoff system.

Page Playoffs

In the Upper Page Playoff, the first and second-placed teams will play against each other. The winner advances directly to the Grand Final.

In the Lower Page Playoff, the third and fourth-placed teams will play against each other. The loser is eliminated.

The loser of the Upper Page Playoff will compete with the winner of the Lower Page Playoff in the Semi-Final. The loser of the Semi-Final will receive Third Place and the winner will advance to the Grand Final.

There is no Bronze/Third place decider Match.

1.3. Fixtures

Regular season match fixtures will be posted week to week after each round has been finalised. Fixtures are set at weekly intervals, with five available and playable match days. These match days differ for Sixes and Highlander to allow league administration an appropriate amount of time for organisational responsibilities.

Seasonal League Scheduling

Sixes (6v6)
Scheduling Day
Playable Match days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Score Submission deadline Thursday 11:59PM AEST/AEDT
Highlander (HL)
Scheduling Day
Playable Match days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Score Submission deadline Friday 11:59PM AEST/AEDT

For more information on scheduling, see 3.1. Negotiating Match Times. Additionally, brush up on the organisational responsibilities of teams here.

1.4. Round Robin

The Round Robin system ensures each team within a bracket faces each other. Round Robin is typically only possible with a specific amount of competitors, which also typically dictates the length of the competition. You can find more information about Round Robin here.

1.5. Swiss System

The Swiss system allows many competitors to compete against each other in a relatively small number of rounds. The first round will be scheduled randomly, and each subsequent round will be generated based on the previous results of teams. Teams with the same or similar records will be paired against each other, with the likelihood of duplicate matches minimised. You can find more information about the Swiss System here.

1.6. Match Scoring

Each regular season fixture consists of two maps; the winner of each individual map will be awarded two league points, while the loser is awarded zero. In the event of a map draw, see Rule 1.8.

Rankings will first be determined by these match points. If point draws exist, the following methods will be used to break them:

All Divisions

  1. Match wins vs. Tied participants.
  2. Median-Buchholz score (total).
  3. Total match wins.
  4. Win difference (Total points earned minus total points lost).

1.7. Forfeits

Forfeits within ozfortress are used when teams are unable to field a roster for any reason, when resolving disputes, or in team based punishments.

Exclusion penalties for forfeiting will apply for future ozfortress participation, administered via our disbands system. See Rule 2.5 for more information on disbanded and removed teams. Forfeiting a single map will result in the entire fixture being forfeited.

It is the team captain’s responsibility to contact your division's League Administrator as soon as possible if there is a change in circumstances that will affect your team’s ability to field a roster each round, even if it is a temporary problem.

ANY forfeit in finals rounds will result in removal from the league and additional penalties for the offending team.

Total Forfeits

Each seasonal league, along with tournaments/cups have their own forfeit limit. Typically, anything that isn't a seasonal league will typically allow no forfeits at all. Below you can find the forfeit limit for Sixes and Highlander respectively.

  • Sixes: A total of one forfeit can occur, upon a team's second forfeit, their in-season active roster will be disbanded.
  • Highlander: A total of two forfeit can occur, upon a team's third forfeit, their in-season active roster will be disbanded.

Forfeit Types

Forfeit Win

A forfeit win will be awarded where the offending team has not made an effort to organise the match within the match organisation dates listed in this ruleset. Forfeit wins will also be considered as a punitive measure where serious rule breaches have been committed during a match. A forfeit win will be recorded as a match win worth 4 league points. See Rule 4.6 on how to submit a forfeit win.

Mutual Forfeit

Mutual forfeits will be applied where neither team have made an effort to organise the match within a reasonable timeframe. A mutual forfeit will be recorded as a match loss for both teams, worth 0 league points. Mutual forfeits contribute to the 2-forfeit league removal count.

Technical Forfeit

A technical forfeit will be awarded in cases where situations outside the teams’ control occur, preventing both teams from playing the match, including but not limited to, Steam outages or major weather events. A technical forfeit will be recorded as a match draw, worth 2 league points for each team.

1.8. Draws

Draws on individual maps are not possible in the ozfortress ruleset, as the map will be determined by a Golden Cap, however, matches can result in a draw when each team wins one map.

1.9. Administrators

League Administrators are responsible for the efficient running of ozfortress competitions. Each bracket will be assigned League Administrators who will be the first point of contact for support and any disputes. However, all League Administrators can assist or deliver rulings on disputes if your bracket League Administrator is not available. The best way to get in contact with a League Administrator for help resolving match disputes is via our discord's #admin-support channel. You do not need to use pings there as we have notifications on.

The General Head Administrator is ultimately responsible for the general running and organization of the league.

You can see our current and active staff for all areas of ozfortress on our staff page.

1.10. Out of Region Teams and Players

ozfortress primarily caters to players from Australia and New Zealand, however, players from other areas such as Asia are welcome to compete. Foreign players must still play on Australian servers (servers hosted in Sydney or Melbourne are available for booking through Discord).

Teams outside of our supported regions are not able to participate within ozfortress seasonal leagues.

Further information on the limit of out of region players per roster can be found in each format's own ruleset.

1.11. Sportsmanship

Teams participating are required to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner in all communications.

Global chat is not fully restricted and may be used for light, friendly and tasteful banter. However, at the request of either team captain or an ozfortress League Administrator, chat may be restricted to only essential match communication. This request must be clearly stated in the global chat or the match communications.

Discrimination on the basis of, but not limited to, race, nationality, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or age will be regarded as an extreme breach of sportsmanship.

Breach of the sportsmanship clause will result in exclusion penalties to be determined by the ozfortress administration.

1.12. Match Throwing

Match Throwing is punishable within ozfortress. We enforce this clause to ensure integrity in match play for all involved, and this clause directly ties in with our Tier 2 infraction for Destructive in-game play.

What we consider Match Throwing:

  • Not actively participating in the match/map within the match.
  • Not actively engaging, fighting or otherwise participating in fights against enemy players.
  • Purposefully detracting from the objective of the format.
  • Actively "feeding" or throwing away your life to hamper the performance of your team.

What we do not consider Match Throwing:

  • Poor individual performance / statistics within a map of the match, or the entire match (unless a pattern of this behaviour has been established throughout multiple matches of a season, typically with further evidence of wrong-doing).

It should be noted that any or all of the descriptions above, are applied purely at the discretion of the administrator handling the dispute, or the wider staff team. For example in most cases, a team member who is actively working against their team by "feeding" or otherwise throwing their life away to hamper their team's performance, will see no penalty from this clause, as this is considered an internal team issue, and has little to no impact on the opposing team or the integrity of the match as a whole.

1.13. Match Fixing

Similar to Match Throwing found above in 1.12. Match Throwing, Match Fixing detracts from the integrity of match play and is considered punishable by ozfortress staff. However, Match Fixing differs from Match Throwing in a few ways. Match Fixing typically involves premeditation, planning or communication with another team/other teams, a third party, etc. Any attempt to detract from the integrity of match play, monetary or otherwise will be reviewed and punished at the discretion of the ozfortress staff team.

2. Teams

2.1. Application

Teams apply to enter the whichever league/competition, and nominate their desired divisions. The minimum and maximum roster requirements/limits can be found below, along with roster expectations. It is required that your team is available to play at least three days out of the five playable match days, teams with more availability will be preferred when a league administrator is resolving scheduling disputes.

Players cannot be transferred between the end of signups and the start of the first Transfer Window.

2.1.1. Higher Division Players

Players who have played in higher divisions than their team has applied for shall be reviewed by administrators prior to transfer into their team, or their teams division seeding. These players may be restricted from specific classes if a) if they wish to play in lower divisions, or b) league administration, along with the seedings and transfer teams decide to restrict the player based on performance metrics, game knowledge, potential out-of-region ping advantage, etc.

2.2. Player Eligibility

To be eligible to be accepted onto a team’s roster, a player must:

  • Have an ozfortress Citadel account.
  • Not be under any current competition exclusion penalties, for example:
    • League bans
    • Infraction threshold bans
    • Anti-Cheat bans
    • VAC bans

2.3. Captains

Team must nominate a player to act as a captain to represent the team in organising matches and liaising with ozfortress League Administrators. This player(s) has the ultimate responsibility for their team. If the primary captain for the team is unavailable, that captain and team is expected to nominate another captain for their roster. Each team needs a minimum of two total captains at all times within the season. Captains may be excluded from acting as team captains for future competitions if ozfortress League Administrators consider them to be unfit to lead.

2.4. Mutiny Rule

A simple majority of registered team members may elect to nominate a new captain or remove a captain entirely, at any point of the season. To start this process, a designated member of the team should contact their division administrator to begin this process. This may be used when a captain is the sole reason for an imminent disbanding of a team. In this situation, the team at large will remain without penalty.

2.5. Disbanded or Removed Teams

The captain of a disbanded or removed team will receive a tier two infraction, and all players on the Active Roster will be excluded from play for the remainder of that season. League Administrators will subject future applications from a disbanded or removed team to a closer review. In some instances, players may be banned from captaining teams in the future.

To avoid penalty, captains and/or team members should approach League Administrators at the first sign of trouble to determine a solution.

2.6. Transfers

Teams may transfer players on a weekly/fortnightly basis depending on the league/competition. The transfer application must be submitted by the deadline to be eligible for play in the following window. View how to apply for a transfer here.

Teams will only be able to increase the size of their roster throughout the season to the roster limit. Teams may not increase their roster size through transfers unless enough players have been transferred out of their team to keep their roster size under the roster limit.

Week 6 is the final week for transfers in seasonal leagues. In the event that a seasonal league is only five weeks instead of the more typical seven, Week 4 will be the final week.

At the conclusion of either Week 6/Week 4 (depending on the regular season length), Roster Lock will come into effect. During this period, teams cannot transfer players onto their roster, nor remove existing players.

League Administrators reserve the right to deny transfer applications based on numerous factors, and judgement will adapt to each transfer request. Players serving exclusion penalties in ozfortress will not be eligible for transfers until after their exclusion penalty has finished. Transfers should be approved by League Administrators no later than Saturday at 11:59 PM.

Please note, each individual league may have its own transfer rules, for example Sixes uses a two week window, where as Highlander uses a one week window. You can find specific transfer rules in each ruleset:

2.6.1. Player Pool

The Player Pool is the area of each team where players invited to the team are listed publically. Players within the Player Pool that are not on the Active Roster are counted as Mercenaries.

2.6.2. Active Roster

The Active Roster contains each and every player you count as a core or substitute player and can be used throughout the season. Players need to be requested to be transferred from the Player Pool to the Active Roster prior to their usage in an official match, otherwise, they will be counted as mercenaries.

2.6.3. Emergency Transfers

Emergency Transfers are granted by the staff team for situations where teams have an unavoidable player loss on their roster. The number of players granted and conditions are heavily case-by-case and up to the discretion of the staff team. The best way to request this process is via our support bot Alfred, as the entire staff team will immediately be able to see the request, but you can message your division or region administrator if need be.

2.7. Exclusions

Exclusions will be applied for repeated major rule breaches by a player or team. An exclusion will result in the immediate ejection of the player or team from the league, with potential prohibitions from playing in future competitions. In serious cases, exclusions may apply for first offences. Players/Teams can incur exclusions through our Infractions system as well, which can be viewed here.

2.8. In-Game Medals

The sale of in-game ozfortress medals (and any other medals) is strictly PROHIBITED.

Valve has a strict policy that league and tournament runners do not sell Medals/Promotional items for any currency (in-game, monetary or otherwise), and this policy is also passed on to those who wish to receive said Medals/Promotional Items (meaning you, the player).

Selling a slot on an active roster for in-game items or money is also strictly prohibited.

Individuals or parties caught selling/trading for medals will be reported directly to Valve.

3. Match Organisation

3.1. Negotiating Match Times

Each team must select a minimum of three days in which they are able to play. Captains may change your team’s availability on a week-to-week basis, which can be edited by clicking Manage on an Active Roster, found on the team's public page. You can also see both teams' availability on the match page. Once the match for the round has been posted, teams can begin negotiating to arrange a time and date for their match. If a match time has not been negotiated between the teams, the earliest matching day from both teams’ selections will be appointed as the default date. However, this default date can be changed under the agreement of both teams.

In addition to official match days, there are also official match times. These times are 8PM, 8:30PM & 9PM Melbourne/Sydney time (AEST/AEDT). Teams that can make this time will be looked upon more favourably than teams that can not. In the event of disputes, all teams involved are expected to be able to play any of the times above.

It is expected that team captains or a nominated team member make a reasonable effort to organise their match before the organisation deadline. Team members who facetiously propose match times will be punished.

Communications in match threads are considered the authoritative log for all correspondence about match organisation. Teams may decide to (and are encouraged to) negotiate the match over Steam chat or other means, however, we recommend posting chat logs in the thread to prove that such correspondence has taken place in case of a dispute.

The negotiated time must always be posted in the thread.

If it is proving difficult to get in contact with the other team, or they are not making a reasonable effort to organise the match, please bring it to the attention of your bracket’s League Administrator immediately.

Teams may request an extension for a playoff match through their bracket’s League Administrator. If an extension is granted, both teams must agree on a date within the allocated time. Opposing teams are not obligated to play within the extended period although compromise and sportsmanship between teams is encouraged.

3.1.1. Match Communications

Match Communications are used to discuss the essential details for official ozfortress matches. It is expected that for the duration of discussion around an official match, teams and by extension players, do not post anything non-essential to the flow of the match.

The following should be present within all Match Communications: + Match date/day & times, or negotiation of such. + Any and all mercenary requests, along with approval of mercenaries. + links for each map played. + Anything else that teams deem essential to the correct running of their official match.

3.2. Organisational Responsibilities

The responsibility for these tasks falls upon the team captain of each team. If they are unable to complete these tasks or ensure these tasks are completed, they must nominate another team member to ensure their completion.

Both teams must:
  • Make an appropriate effort to organise the match.
  • Ensure attendance at the match.
  • Inform, and seek approval from the other team of any mercenaries and post their profile and known applications in the match thread.
  • Inform League Administrators of any potential issues with the match, or of any disputes.
  • Submit or verify the final score prior to the score submission deadline.
The home team must:
  • Organise the game server.
  • Appropriately administer the server during the match.
Score Submission

Teams must clearly state both the winner and match score of each map. links must also be linked.


cp_granary_pro: 4-1 Jasmine Tea

3.3. Mercenaries

A mercenary is an unrostered player that is used in lieu of an unavailable team member. To be valid, mercenaries must have an ozfortress Citadel account and not be under any exclusion penalties.

Only two mercenaries per team are allowed in each match at any moment in time. Teams are allowed to swap mercenaries during the match provided the other team approves the new mercenary.

Teams can only make use of mercenaries within four matches per season. Each match should not go above the standard two mercenaries per team allowed in each match limit.

Mercenaries may only be used at the discretion of the opposing team captain. There is no restriction on mercenary use if allowed by the opposing team captain. Do be aware that it is unlikely that opposing team captains will allow players of significantly larger skill to participate in the match and therefore reasonable requests are preferred.

Team captains do have the right to deny any mercenary, even if they are from a lower bracket. However, please do try to accommodate reasonable mercenary use, as you may find yourself in the same position. We recommend contacting a League Administrator if you are unsure of the skill level of the potential mercenary.

When mercenaries are being requested, teams have the option to request them on a specific class. This would then lock them to that class during that match (with the exception of reasonable off-classes). Teams can also request a mercenary without specifying a class, allowing the mercenary to change classes at will. It is important to note that unless mercenaries have been explicitly allowed on one class, they are allowed to play a class of their choosing.

Manipulating other teams into allowing mercenaries is an infractable offence (e.g. If you allow us to use a high Premier player we will allow you to use a low Open player).

ozfortress League Administrator will act as arbitrators in such a case of unreasonable mercenary denial and may decide to overrule a team captain’s decision and allow a mercenary of a reasonable skill level.

Mercenary use must be clearly stated in the match thread where they are used. The information provided must include their SteamID and link to their ozfortress Citadel profile.

Use the ozfortress Roster Verification Tool to quickly verify all players prior to a match. To use the verifier, simply insert the status output from the console of the current match as well as the match link or ID. The tool will process your inputs and validate all players, displaying any inconsistencies with rosters.

3.4. Map Selection

Regular season matches will use two predefined maps from the map pool. The map pool consists of nine (9) maps, decided using data from seasonal polls.

Maps for playoff matches are selected by the captains of each team. This process can be performed before the match or in-game via chat but must be documented on the match page.

Pick/Ban order can be found on each formats ruleset page.

3.5. Match Disputes

To lodge a dispute or report misconduct within a match, please contact an ozfortress League Administrator as soon as possible. Please do not bring the debate to the public as it is being resolved.

3.6. Fakenicking / Aliasing

Fakenicking / Aliasing is allowed in ozfortress matches, but be aware that both Approved/Unapproved Casting Organisations may choose to use your ozfortress alias or most notable alias. Team organisation and sponsorship tags are allowed but must be reasonable. Players are encouraged to carefully choose their submitted roster name as name change requests are both monitored and selectively approved. Name change requests cannot include emojis, special characters, or names which breach our Community Guidelines or Infractions ruleset.

3.7. Default Server Location and Provider

ozfortress uses Qixalite’s server infrastructure to host bookable servers for competitive play. Currently, Qixalite supports various locations, but ozfortress will only allow the use of two regions, Sydney and Melbourne. For ozfortress official matches (and in case of disputes), the official server location is Sydney. Similarly to the default server location, ozfortress also has a default server provider, which is ozfortress bookable servers.

3.8. Server Location and Provider choice

The Home team or higher-seeded team for playoffs will be able to choose the server location, currently out of our two supported server locations, Melbourne and Sydney. The Away team or lower-seeded team can contact an administrator if they feel the location choice is malicious and in an attempt to disadvantage their team significantly. Administrators reserve the right to both overrule the decision made by the Home team, as well as deny requests for the location to be changed or defaulted. The Home team are also able to choose the server provider, but we highly encourage the use of Qixalite run servers (booked either from the ozfortress or Qixalite Discords), and are again able to be disputed if the Away team believes there is malicious intent in their choice.

For the Regular Season, teams can discuss the server location with each other, but if they are unable to come to a resolution to their dispute, the default server location will be used.

4. Match Format

4.1. Demo Recording

POV demo files must be recorded for all ozfortress matches and must be provided at the request of an ozfortress administrator. We recommend using the demo recording system included in TF2, which can be activated under the advanced options menu in the game settings.

Find out how to record POV demo files, along with our guidelines and penalties on our Demo Requests FAQ page.

4.2. Spectators

ozfortress League Administrators are the only approved spectators. Spectators are not allowed in any ozfortress match server for any reason. Please note, this does not include SourceTV (STV) usage.

4.3. Pausing

Pauses during a match are allowed where players clearly exhibit technological performance issues or when teams wish to for personal reasons. Tactical pauses are allowed. In addition, the match may only be unpaused by the team who initiated the pause. Both teams must give the all-clear to unpause, which is followed by an in-built five-second countdown.

Each team is permitted two pauses per match with a combined total time limit of ten minutes. However, if captains are in agreement, the pause limit can be extended.

4.4. Casted Games

Official matches may be casted by organisations with the approval of the ozfortress League Administrators.

Casting organisation representatives may contact the ozfortress General Head Administrator to receive the ability to promote their coverage and/or become an approved casting organisation. Approval will only be granted once it is determined by ozfortress that the coverage meets approved standards.

The ozfortress approved casting organisations are as follows: + KritzKast + CappingTV

Casting organisations cannot directly influence or affect the scheduling of an official ozfortress match in any way.

4.4.1. Approved ozfortress Casting Organisations

If your game is to be casted by an approved organisation, your team must provide to the caster(s), streamer, or organisation representative: + The server connect string, potentially including the RCON password (if the production team requires it, they will inform you). + An updated list of players and/or any mercenaries participating in the match. This must be provided at least an hour before the set match time.

The above rules apply to ozfortress-approved casting organisations only.

4.4.2. Unapproved ozfortress Casting Organisations

Casting organisations and individuals that are not approved by ozfortress may still cast official ozfortress matches, however, approved casting organisations will have precedence. If a team captain wishes to deny such a cast, they should discuss it with an ozfortress League Administrator.

4.4.3. Player POV streaming

Broadcasts of a player’s POV outside of a casted setting where STV delay is enforced, a minimum observable delay of at least ten (10) seconds is required. We define “observable delay” as a combination of personally set stream delay (for example in OBS) and standard Twitch/YouTube streaming delay. It is the players responsibility to ensure that their own stream does not impact their team in any way, and is not something we consider an actionable offence. This means that "stream sniping" is not actionable by ozfortress, and is solely the responsibility of the person streaming.

4.5. ozfortress League Administrators as Referees

ozfortress may sometimes require certain matches to be refereed by an ozfortress League Administrator. In such a case, a post will be made in the match thread indicating this, and teams will be provided with a connect string before the match. If this happens, it is no longer the home team’s responsibility to administer the server or report the scores at the end of the round. League Administrators may also choose to be present on the server during playoffs matches or other important matches, and will request strings from players.

5. Servers

5.1. Server Configuration

Instructions on how to download & install ozfortress seasonal league configs can be found here.

5.2. Preferred and Acceptable Servers

ozfortress bookable servers are considered the standard for matches. However, if both teams agree, an alternative server may be used. See Rule 5.3 for further details on Third-party servers.

If teams cannot agree on a server, an official ozfortress server must be used.

Administrators reserve the right to choose which server a match may be played on.

Please note: The server's SourceTV Delay (stv_delay) MUST remain at 90 seconds or above. Dropping this during or prior to your match will incur a penalty. The same can be applied to turning off STV Map Change Protect during a casted official match.

5.3. Third-Party Servers

For those who wish to run their own, servers must be running the official ozfortress configuration to be considered match-ready. They must also comply with the following requirements: + Be hosted on a dedicated, non-residential connection with enough bandwidth for at least 16 players. + Be running the current ozfortress seasonal league configs and whitelist and be running on sv_pure 2. + Be physically located in Australia, unless the match is between two New Zealand or two Asia based teams. + Running a logging system that uploads to + Not running any gameplay altering modifications outside of TF2CompFixes by twiikuu. + TF2CompFixes by twiikuu must be loaded with all of the correct configurations. + Sourcemod plugins are not required but may be loaded as long as they are not considered gameplay-altering modifications. + Must have configured SourceTV to allow recording of STV Demos

If desired, an ozfortress League Administrator will review your server configs to determine if you have configured it to match-ready standard.

RCON for third-party servers must be provided to ozfortress League Administrators on request.

ozfortress League Administrators reserve the right to force a match to be played on an ozfortress server.

5.4. Restrictions

Each seasonal league format has its own restrictions, which can be found on those format's rulesets.

Along with the above restrictions, we also run Player Restrictions, where eligible players are restricted from certain classes when playing in divisions lower than their skill. Player Restrictions vary depending on the number of divisions, surrounding teams and other players.

These are not the only factors but are just some that we use to inform our decision-making. Breaking these Player Restrictions will incur a 1 Round Match Ban, along with a Forfeit Win awarded to the opposing team. Please note, the forfeit loss for the team of the offending player does count towards the total forfeit limit of that format.

5.5. Server Interruptions

In the event of an ongoing match being interrupted, the match must be resumed from the time at which the last round was completed. Any ongoing rounds will be restarted and any rounds that were completed will remain completed.

5.6. Server Spectator

The only players allowed in the server of an official match are the core players currently rostered on the active roster. When substituting a player for a substitute or mercenary, the substitute or mercenary is allowed to join the server and swap with one of the other players, but the player being substituted must leave when they arrive.

5.7. Coaching

Currently, ozfortress does not allow in-official coaching via any means (for example; being in the spectator, watching a POV stream via Discord, etc). This clause does not include coaching outside of an official match, like demo reviewing for example.

6. Cheating, Exploits and Bans

6.1. Exploits

The intention of exploiting any aspect of the game for an unfair advantage, whether they are explicitly listed or not, is prohibited. We consider there to be two categories of exploits; Game Modification exploits and Game Mechanic exploits. Game Modification exploitation is the act of modifying game files (and typically bypassing sv_pure 2) to gain an unfair advantage. Game Mechanic exploitation is typically engine exploits, bugs, or abuse of unattended gameplay features that are outside the scope of competitive fairness and play.

6.1.1. Game Modification exploits

This is commonly treated as akin to cheating when malicious, as it is direct game file manipulation to gain an unfair advantage. Any listed item not explicitly stated as allowed is prohibited. + Using scripts/macros that allow you to bypass movement or engine restrictions. - Panic scripts. - Bunnyhop scripts. - 180-degree Charge turn scripts. - Other turn scripts. + Other scripts that disrupt hitboxes or gameplay, including but not limited to interpolation switchers, hud_reloadscheme stutters, or anything that causes a networked load on other clients or your own. + Sound-based exploits (spy decloak modifiers, footstep modifiers, audio mixers or equalizers, etc). + Sniper scope transparency/removal of the sniper scope. + Large shadows and/or box shadows. + Entering the player model default pose (“civilian pose”). + Water jump-scoping. + Removing map objects/props or making them transparent. + Malicious use of the retry command. + Uber Pause bug - A bug where medics continue to build uber during a pause whilst healing a player. This bug should be prevented by server plugins, but in the event it does happen, both teams should be made aware and an administrator should be contacted.

Some examples of allowed Game Modification are:

  • Custom HUDs.
  • Custom Autoexec, class configs, etc.
  • Flat textures.
  • Custom Hitsounds & Killsounds.
  • No hats/cosmetics mods.
  • No explosion smoke mods.
  • Transparent viewmodels.
  • Non-malicious weapon sound replacement, some examples are:
    • Replacing hitscan or projectile weapon sounds.
      • Note: Replacement of anything that could be deemed malicious, ie. spy watch sounds replacement is strictly prohibited.
  • Crouch jump script.
  • “C-tap” jump scripts.
  • Null-cancelling movement script.
  • Rocket jump script.
  • Mask uber script.
  • Say scripts (for example, class swap messages).
  • Loadout changing scripts.
  • Viewmodel / Crosshair switchers.
  • No explosions/particles smoke script.
  • Loadout changing scripts and quick respawn scripts
    • Note: Preserving ubercharge, sticky traps, or engineer buildings when forward spawning or backwards spawning is prohibited.

6.1.2. Game Mechanic exploits

  • Game Mechanic exploits are typically map, client or server exploits used to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Placing the Engineer’s buildings outside of the map, in indestructible locations or anywhere where it is not visible.
  • Entering areas that are “out of bounds” or not in playable space.
  • Resupplying by using spawn regions outside of spawn bounds.
  • Exploiting the map design to enter areas that aren’t regular gameplay, for any means or use.
  • Map-based exploits (water jump scoping, etc).

Explicitly allowed Game Mechanic exploits:

  • Wallbugs.
  • Edgebugs.
  • C-taps.

Reports made regarding exploitation are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The lists above are not exhaustive. If you are unsure if something is considered an exploit, please contact a League Administrator and request a ruling be made. Usage of any banned exploit or exploit with malicious intent will result in punishments. Punishments will range between 3 months to 24 months depending on multiple factors, including but not limited to severity, intent, maliciousness, etc.

6.2. Third-Party Software

The use of any third-party addons, hooks, programs or wrappers that interact with or alter the Team Fortress 2 client, its appearance or behaviour for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage is a bannable offence. This includes usage of such programs on alternative accounts not registered with ozfortress.

6.3. Malicious Server Administration

The use of any server commands, variables, or plugins for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage or to interfere with an ozfortress match is prohibited. Once the match is underway, the server administrator must let the match run its course and not make any changes without the consent of both teams.

6.4. Account Sharing & Alternate Accounts

Players may only register and play in ozfortress leagues with one Steam / Warzone account. Use of alternate accounts in official matches is strictly prohibited. If a player wishes to change their registered account they must contact an ozfortress League Administrator, however, it is unlikely that the account will be changed.

Sharing your login details with a third party for use in an ozfortress match is also strictly prohibited and will result in lengthy bans for all involved parties.

6.5. ozfortress Bans

Members banned on the ozfortress website are also banned from leading teams in ozfortress competitions. Players banned from the ozfortress website may also be subject to competition bans and are considered under probation. Please contact an ozfortress League Administrator for further clarification.

6.6. Match Fixing

Any attempt to influence the result of a match through any means other than standardised gameplay is strictly forbidden. If this is found to be happening, all involved parties will receive league punishments.

7. Ruleset Information

7.1. Rules are subject to change

The rules set on this page may be updated at any time. It is the responsibility of the player(s) to keep up to date with these rules. Rule changes during a season will be clearly announced with a front-page post, and changes outside of a season being relayed also via a front-page post.

7.2. Rulings

ozfortress reserve the right to change, modify or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate by ozfortress to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship. We understand that the ruleset may not cover every situation and therefore we may occasionally deliver judgement-based rulings. We will not change, modify or adapt any clause "on the fly", and will endeavour to make the community aware of ruleset changes.

Last update: 2022-10-29