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Ban Types


Bans within ozfortress typically come as a result of poor player conduct, use of third-party cheat clients, use of exploits or breaches of clauses in our rulesets.

Please Note

Ban reasoning is not always limited to just the aforementioned reasons, administration reserves the right to make decisions for any case they deem necessary, but this is typically left to cases which are outliers or uncommon.

Evidence Bans

Cheating related bans, issued typically for usage of third-party programs to gain an unfair advantage, exploit usage, or outlier cheating cases that do not uphold the spirit of competitive play and sportsmanship.

Infraction Threshold Bans

Poor player conduct and/or team conduct. You can find more information on these bans here.

VAC Bans

No Conclusive Evidence of cheating in TF2. Entering a VAC Secured TF2 server with an administrator can revoke this ban. Players listed here are typically inactive and/or were unable to prove their VAC ban did not originate from TF2.

Other Bans

Bans that fall outside some of the base categories above.

Past Bans

As above, past bans that have expired.

Last update: 2022-09-26