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Highlander Ruleset

Format Specificity

Rules within this ruleset are strictly for Highlander (HL), and though each ruleset may share the same rules, the contents of each are likely different if they are listed in one of the format rulesets and not the Global Ruleset.

1. Highlander Seasonal League

1.1. Regular Season Fixtures

In the Regular Season, each Weekly Fixture match or round features two sets (also known as maps) picked out of a nine (9) map pool (this can be found in our League Info). This map pool is chosen by the league administration prior to the start of the season, using mostly poll data. Each regular season fixture is typically expected to last an average of one hour, but team's should always be ready to play longer.

1.2. Playoffs Fixtures

In Playoffs, each match or round is a Best of 3 map scenario, picked and banned from the nine (9) map pool found in the Regular Season (this can be found in our League Info). Playoffs fixtures are almost always expected to last at least thirty minutes per map, for an average runtime of ninety minutes to two hours. Team's should ensure they allocate enough time and schedule accordingly.

1.2.1. Playoffs Map Selection (Pick/Bans)

Maps for playoff matches are selected by the captains of each team. This process must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the agreed upon match time. Highlander Pick/Ban Map Selection

The selection process for a nine map pool (BO3) in Playoffs:

  1. The higher seeded or home team will either choose to ban first or defer.
  2. The first team (determined by the result of step one) will ban a map, removing a map from the pool.
  3. The second team will ban a map, removing a map from the pool.
  4. The first team will ban a map, removing a map from the pool.
  5. The second team will ban a map, removing a map from the pool.
  6. The first team will pick the first map from the remaining pool.
  7. The second team will pick the second map from the remaining pool.
  8. The first team will pick the third/tiebreaker map from the remaining maps.

Some players/captains may use a shorthand form of the pick/ban listing, so we've included it here to hopefully ease some confusion.

Ban Ban Pick Pick Ban Pick
Home Away Home Away Away Home

Please see 3.4.1. Team Starting Side in the Global Ruleset for more information on who starts on which side. Teams can agree to go against this rule if they wish, but in the event of a dispute this rule will be enforced.

1.3. Bracket Systems used

Highlander makes use of Round Robin as it's primary tournament system. (You can find more information on Round Robin here)[].

1.4. Stopwatch/Payload Maps within Playoffs Rounds

In the Regular Season, Stopwatch/Payload maps are only played as one round, meaning each side attack and defends once. For Premier and Intermediate Playoffs, Stopwatch/Payload is played using the A.B.B.A system (commonly referred to as "ABBA"). ABBA requires Stopwatch/Payload maps to be played as a Best of 3 rounds scenario, requiring one team to win two full rounds. By default, Main and Open do not play ABBA, but any division can choose to play the opposite variation of their division's default.

2. Teams

2.1. Rosters

2.1.1. Roster Size Requirements/Limits

  • Minimum roster size is nine (9).
  • Maximum roster size is fifteen (15).
  • Teams should look to have a least two or three substitute players in the event a core player cannot play.

2.1.2. Out of Region Player Limit

There are no current limits on the amount of out of region players on a roster other than Ping Limiting.

2.1.3. Transfer Window Limits

Each Transfer Window has a limit for the amount of players that can be transferred in. This limit differs depending on the seasonal league or competition.

For Highlander, teams are limited to three players transferred into their roster per window. There is currently no limit set for transfers out of a roster.

2.2. Mercenary Limits

Please note, mercenary limits are the different for both seasonal leagues. Each Highlander official match should not go above the three mercenaries per team allowed in each match. For further mercenary limits, please see this section of the Global Ruleset.

2.3. Team Eligibility Requirements

Teams are expected to have a certain amount of players (does not include any mercenaries) ready to start or continue a match. This expected amount of players differs for each format, and can be seen below.

  • A minimum of six (6) rostered players.

3. Match Organisation

3.1. Deadlines

All time scheduling should be in AEDT if Daylight Savings is in effect, AEST if Daylight Savings is not in effect. The times themselves do not move with Daylight Savings however, meaning 7PM for AEST & AEDT.

  • Match time/day set: 7PM AEST/AEDT Thursday
  • Results submission: 11:59PM AEST/AEDT Sunday
  • All other match details: 11:59PM AEST/AEDT Sunday

3.2. Default Scheduling

Teams are free to communicate their desired/playable match days and times with eachother, typically this responsibility falls upon the captains, or players nominated to act in that capacity.

ozfortress does encourage all teams to set their own match days and times, but in case of disputes, an administrator may enforce the default match day or time, as found below.

These defaults will only ever be enforced when teams do not have any common match days set under the Availability section of their roster, found under Manage Roster on their team page. See 3.1. Negotiating Match Times in our Global Ruleset for more information on negotiation.

  • Default match time: 8PM AEST/AEDT or 9PM AEST/AEDT
    • Teams that can make these times will be looked upon more favourably than teams that cannot.
  • Default match day: Saturday

4. Format

Highlander teams are expected to play with nine player at all times within an official match. If a team cannot field field enough players from their roster and mercenaries, teams are permitted to play with seven players, with the opposing team permitted to keep their full nine player roster. Teams cannot play with fewer than seven players, otherwise they will be automatically disqualified and subsequently forfeited. Teams must still observe mercenary rules and limits.

4.1. Map Gamemode Standards

Each seasonal league or competition (Highlander in this case) may share some similaries on shared map gamemodes, but may differ by the round win-limit, the timer, or plugins. The list of gamemodes below covers not only the map gamemodes, but also any other conditions.


Stopwatch maps are normally Payload and Attack/Defend maps. In both cases, they are played identically, with each Control Point on a Attack/Defend map essentially counting as a Payload Capture Point. Stopwatch maps are played to 1 round, with each side attacking and defending once. There is no timelimit for Stopwatch maps in ozfortress other than what is set by the Stopwatch timer itself. Higher divisions within ozfortress Highlander are typically defaulted to using the ABBA system, more information on which can be found here.

King of the Hill (KOTH)

King of the Hill is currently identical between all currently supported seasonal leagues and competitions, with no set time limit or round timer overrides, and a Best of 5 win condition. Individual King of the Hill maps may vary slightly on overtime timers, locked and unlocked timers (when the point is not able to be captured at the start and when it unlocks) as these are built into the map, however most are universally standard.

4.2. Class Limits

The following class limits are required on all official match servers. Breaking these limits in any way that impacts a match is considered cheating, and depending on administrator discretion could lead to a match result overturn.

  • 1 Scout
  • 1 Soldier
  • 1 Pyro
  • 1 Demoman
  • 1 Heavy
  • 1 Engineer
  • 1 Medic
  • 1 Sniper
  • 1 Spy

Please Note

Our official ozfortress server configuration files allow for more than one Scout to allow players to effectively swap classes without the need for swapping to Spectator which is not allowed per our 4.2. Spectators rule.

4.3. Unlocks / Whitelist

The whitelist can be found on whitelist by clicking here, or under the ozfortress menu on

Changes to weapons or their mechanics, the addition of new cosmetics or taunts, or removal of certain properties will see the weapon / cosmetic / taunt banned for the remainder of that season. New items are automatically blocked by the whitelist, but in the event something is changed as stated above, ozfortress will post an announcement regarding it.

4.4. Server configs & usage

Configs for any seasonal league or tournament can be found on the Server Configs page, and any associated guides will be linked on that page.

Last update: 2023-10-02