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Team Leads/Heads

Have an issue that isn't within the Sixes or Highlander realm? Good chance our Team Leads/Heads will have an answer for you. As always, we ask that you go through either #sixes-support / #highlander-support / #ticket-support within our Discord first before contacting one of us directly.

Role Name Discord
General Head Administrator core core#6440
Sixes Head Administrator a team of ants in their prime a team of ants in their prime#3881
Highlander Head Administrator bird bird#0246
Head of Anti-Cheat catfish catfish#1503
Head of Behaviour Panel samson samson#5103
Media Coordinator Sperkle Sperkle#4456
Developer /dev/zero /dev/zero#0231

League Administrators

As mentioned in our competitive league rulesets, League Administrators in tandem with each league's Head Administrator and General Head Administrator, are responsible for the effective running of ozfortress seasonal competitions.

League Name Discord
Sixes samson samson#5103
Sixes a team of ants in their prime a team of ants in their prime#3881
Sixes chimes chimes#0002
Sixes raina raina#4682
Sixes snazzy snazzy#5086
Highlander Thyme Thyme#1499
Highlander Oldcustard Oldcustard#9667
Highlander Bakes Bakes#3098
Highlander Rainy Rainy#1181
Highlander Sperkle Sperkle#4456

Public Behaviour Panel members

There are two Behaviour Panel members who are public, with two members who are not. We leave this decision purely up to the individual, however we do ask that those in an administration role are public-facing if possible. We will always strive to have an equal ratio of staff/non-staff members, if not more members who are not serving in an administration role.

Name Discord
samson (Head of Behaviour Panel) samson#5103
Bakes Bakes#3098

Media Team

The team that helps make everything media-related for ozfortress happen. Be it our socials, YouTube, or coordinating other PR tasks, it's one of these brilliant people.

Name Discord
Sperkle (Media Coordinator) Sperkle#4456
Avo Avo#7776
Beater Beater#8047
Brady Brady#1020
frydog frydog#0257
jayyylmao jayyylmao#6969
Thyme Thyme#1499

Past Staff

  • /dev/zero (Citadel and Source Server Controller)
  • amd
  • Aragon
  • arnold
  • baf
  • bladez (Livelogs and ozfortress booker)
  • blitzen
  • Brodogs
  • Cole
  • ferelah
  • fez
  • Fozzlm
  • gabbo
  • hatchet
  • Hawk
  • hcaz
  • Ishanu
  • Jump!
  • Kenneth
  • kam
  • kocka
  • lammy
  • LiquidAlchemy
  • mercury (Co-Founder of ozfortress)
  • micko
  • munz
  • No Mercy
  • nsk
  • obla
  • OnionS
  • Platinum
  • Psyfox
  • ravelizard
  • RynoCerus
  • Seraphim
  • sage
  • shrak
  • skaz
  • Solus
  • stv!
  • tempest (Co-Founder of ozfortress)
  • Thermite
  • TomSawyer
  • tonberry
  • ToyotaMan
  • Varris
  • warbot
  • wiggin
  • wm
  • wolfeh
  • yauch

Last update: 2022-10-27