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Book a Server

How to Book

Bookings are done in the official ozfortress Discord. Simply join the #bookings channel and say “/booking create”, and the bot will step you through above the chat area as to what parameters are required. Upon filling out the command with everything needed, the server will be sent to your Discord user via DMs. For a full list of commands, please refer to Qixalite's booking docs, but you can find a basic list of commands below:

Click here to join #bookings!


/booking create

Book a server, follow the prompts the bot provides in the field above the chat.

/booking status

List the status of all servers.

/booking rcon

Send RCON commands via the bot, allowing control of the server without using the in-game console.

/booking server-logs

List and download match log files from an active server booking.

/booking server-demos

List and download demo files from an active server booking.

Bot-related commands can be sent in the #bookings channel.

Additional Information

If is experiencing downtime, please be sure to download the server logs using the command via Reginald (or via Qixalite’s Hive Control Panel) and post a link to the download in-match communications. A screenshot of the scoreboard will not suffice. If you have questions regarding this, feel free to contact an ozfortress League Administrator.

Find all additional information you need for running your bookable in Qixalite's booking docs.

Thank you to Qixalite for providing bookable solutions for ozfortress.

Last update: 2022-08-21