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ozfortress Support & Reporting Hub

We understand that sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around specific rules, how something applies to your official matches, or what to do when in an active dispute with another team. Heck, what do you do if you need to report someone?

That's ok, we can answer those questions and more for you, just keep reading!

Competition Support

Have a question, issue or dispute with another team? We offer dedicated support for each competition we run through our #admin-support channel in Discord. Don't hesitate to ask questions not pertaining to our competitions too! This channel will give you access to our support bot Alfred, who will make you a ticket with our staff. This ticket will be opened for you via Alfred, so make sure to check your Direct Messages on Discord!

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Before you reach out, do any of the docs below answer your question?

We have a Frequently Asked Questions page which may answer your question, if not please feel free to reach out!


We have reports open to players using our website's forums feature. Below are sections detailing reporting:

ozfortress account required

You will need to have an account and be signed in to make a submission.

Reporting Player Behaviour

Not sure where or how to report poor player behaviour? We ask that you peruse through our docs pages before reporting player misconduct as these docs may contain information to help you help us when submitting your report.

Even if you think we may already know, please submit a report!

Many often mistakenly believe we are near-omniscient, but that is rarely the case. While we do not strictly act only on reports, many of our panel members are disconnected from the typical "going-ons" within TF2, and as such may not be aware of x offender. This does not mean our panel members aren't actively involved in our community, just that they often do not care to be trawling every chat channel, which we believe gives them a high level of impartiality when handling reports.

If you feel a person or group's behaviour violates our Community Guidelines, please make a report following the steps below.

Making a Report

We require that the template below is filled out for all reports submitted. This template saves us time, and gives you a structured format to submit your report to us. Once you have filled out the template, please make a new report using the "Make a Player Behaviour Report" button.

Suspect(s) account(s): 
Evidence (URLs / Media): 
Does any of your evidence need further verification? Yes/No
If you answered Yes above, provide verification:
Additional Notes (when it occurred, where, how, etc): 

Report Requirements & Evidence Verification

Please see the Report Requirements listed on our Player Behaviour Infractions page. If you are unsure how to verify some of your evidence, please feel free to reach out.

Reporting Rule Breaches

Has a player in your match, or perhaps even the entire opponent team breached a league rule? If so, we have a few avenues open to report these breaches below.

  • If you are not actively in your official match and have noticed a rule breach from a player or team, please make a report via your team's channel in the Team Captain Discord.
  • If you are not a captain, either ask your captain to report it on your team's behalf, or submit a support ticket in our Discord's #admin-support channel, selecting the seasonal league or competition it occured in.


If you are currently in your official match, you are in the wrong place. Please have your captain reach out to an administrator through the Team Captain Discord.

Reporting Suspect Players ("Cheating")

Not sure where or how to report a suspect player/team for cheating in one of our competitions? We ask that you peruse through our docs page on Anti-Cheat before reporting a player or team for cheating.

Making a Report

To make an Anti-Cheat report, please fill out the template below, then submit your report using the button below the template.

Suspect(s) account(s):
Suspect(s) team page(s):
Evidence (URLs):
Additional Notes(ticks):