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Anti-Cheat & You

The Anti-Cheat process and You

If you have someone you wish to report, please follow the following steps carefully:

  1. Download the SourceTV demo/s of the suspect/s.
  2. Review those SourceTV demo/s either by yourself or within a small, trusted group of friends or teammates. You are responsible for both your own actions and theirs.
  3. If you find something you believe is suspicious, note it down with the tick it happened at and your best description of what you believe you saw. Please take the time to thoroughly go through the evidence you are providing and mark what and when you think is suspicious.
  4. Make your submission via either of the methods listed in the Anti-Cheat Submission Reporting section below!

That is the process. You’re done. The Anti-Cheat panel will take their time to review the evidence submitted, and will not reach a decision until they are sure beyond a reasonable doubt.

Quick Q&A

So what do you do now? Simple, NOTHING. If you find something else (new evidence for example) then you are welcome to submit it. But there are things that need to be made immediately clear:

  • You are not to interact with the suspect/s under ANY circumstance. This means you cannot discuss anything relating to your submission with them, inform them of your submission, or witch-hunt them either by yourself or within the small group you reviewed the evidence with.

  • We do not care how you feel about the suspect/s, if you lost your official, scrim or pug to them, that’s rough buddy, but we don’t care. No action will be taken on your match until a verdict is reached by the Anti-Cheat panel, in their own time.

  • Know what the first rule of fight club is? We get that you might feel wronged by those players, but complaining publicly about it will not speed up the Anti-Cheat review process. The reality is those reviewing it will not see your complaint, and nor should they.

  • Failure to follow the guidance of the above clauses, and you will get the punishment befitting the weapons-grade moron you are. Help us, yourself, your team or group - by following the process outlined above in a logical manner and if needed, a less emotional state.