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User Policy Agreement

By signing up to ozfortress, you are agreeing to limited or otherwise zero compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), along with the clauses below:

  • You are 13 years of age or older. This is to comply with both Steam & Discord's age requirements.
  • Abuse of systems on will lead to being banned from our services.
  • Access to ozfortress services can be revoked or removed without notice and if need be without any reasoning, however we will inform the user why in most cases.
  • Serious violation of this policy or any of our rulesets or guidelines can lead to indefinite bans from our services.
  • Any criminal activity will lead to indefinite bans from all ozfortress services and reports to relevant authorities.

This User Policy agreement can be updated at any time, but we will endeavour to notify users about any change. In addition to the above clauses, you must follow Steam's Subscriber Agreement.

Account Conditions

Users who are serving Valve sanctions may be ineligible to play. Please reach out to us via our Discord's support bot Alfred. The sale of Steam accounts and promotional items (in-game medals/badges) is strictly prohibited by Valve, thus it is strictly by ozfortress. Any sold or bought account found within ozfortress will be permanently barred from our services. In addition, any user found buying or selling medals will also be permanently barred from our services.

At our discretion, we will block/ban any:

  • Permanently banned Steam accounts.
  • Known sold Steam accounts.

User Account Deletion

User Account Deletion is not something that we offer at this time, as it is an entirely manual process. Rest assured, no personally identifiable information is stored without user consent, and the user is within their rights to not include their email in their account.


  • Q: Why does ozfortress not comply with GDPR?
  • A: We do not actively support European players, nor provide any competitions for Europe. Any player or team who signs up to one of our competitions can, and likely will be denied.
    • Exceptions are made, but the user must both; voluntarily waive their GDPR rights around data privacy, and hold ozfortress free of liability in the user's own breach of their GDPR rights. Whilst we do not support European players, it is worth noting the only information that can be stored by users that is not contained within the OpenID implementation (Steam login) is a user's email, which is entirely optional and must be voluntarily added by the user (and is not prompted in user signup).