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We are always looking for motivated volunteers who are eager to help improve, grow and expand the limits of what is possible within competitive Team Fortress 2. Passion, ingenuity and direction are all qualities of an ideal staff member, of who we expect to devise solutions to sometimes difficult and complex issues which commonly encompass much more depth than many even realise. Whether its as a League Administrator, Developer, a member of our Behaviour or Anti-Cheat panels, or a role not listed here, a drive to push Team Fortress 2 and the experiences it has given us all further into a better future is exactly what we are looking for. Does this sound like you?

Expectations of any member of our staff

  • Passion:
    • Above all else, a drive to not only improve on what is currently in place, be it competitions, systems or people - but also a drive to show up for the tedius and menial tasks.
  • Teamwork:
    • While we more than many understand the nature of volunteer work and making commitments to it cannot always be upheld, a break in the chain can leave the rest of our team filling a void that isn't always possible to carry on. We're always happy to help eachother out, and that's something we expect for anyone joining us!
  • Confidentiality:
    • Not everything we do is glamorous or can be shared. Often there are details, specifics or subjects we cannot share with the public for any number of reasons, but rest assured - if people need to know, we will let them know. However, we do expect that any new or existing staff member keeps in mind the effect of a lapse in confidentiality could bring.
  • No recent misconduct:
    • We understand everyone has a past, many are not proud of theirs. We don't hold that against anyone, but any misconduct is further scrutinized when its a staff member at fault. Because of this most, if not all recent cases of misconduct will result in your application being passed up. Whether you wish to edit your submission, submit another, or leave your application, we will still consider it after a reasonable period of time has elapsed since your misconduct.
  • Bonus: Be known, well liked and respected in the scene.

What will you get out of your time with us?

  • To gain experience and skills many wouldn't typically think about being good on a resume, but really are:
    • You would be surprised how good and effective representation of your experience and skills, especially within a volunteer setting looks on a resume. With us, not only will you get to see the inside of community management, but potentially learn skills such as teamwork, referee work, web design/development, media production and much more.
  • We respect experience and inexperience:
    • Have an idea, opinion or view? We want to hear it. There is always something to be gained from discussing any idea you put forward, any concern you have with how something currently is, or what the future may hold.
  • Furthering the scene in the right direction:
    • We will stumble, we will hit roadblocks, we will experience burn out. It's natural in any job or role, and as a volunteer you will experience all of that and more, tenfold. But that's ok, we're here to get you prepared, help you through the process of learning, and allowing you to achieve what you want to with us.

About Available Roles

Sixes/Highlander League Administrator

League Administrators are responsible for the effective running of our seasonal league formats, those being Sixes and Highlander. No admin/staff experience is required, but we do look for people who have experience playing TF2, and are well respected within the community.

Behaviour Panel member

Members of the Behaviour Panel are trusted community members who work to safeguard our community from poor player behaviour throughout ozfortress. Members of the Behaviour Panel are anonymous, this is to ensure their objectivity, as well as protect them from the possible fallout of a verdict an offender or the community doesn't agree with.

Anti-Cheat Panel member

Members of the Anti-Cheat Panel work to protect our competitions' integrity and fair-play. While no strict or formal experience is required, a good knowledge of the game, along with basic knowledge of what cheating looks like. Please note, applications for Anti-Cheat Panel members are rarely accepted as only a small subset of the community typically has what it takes to be effective in this role.


We're always looking for talented developers to help us build better experiences for our community! No formal experience is required, but you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge if asked to.

Artists & Designers

Like Developers, we can never have enough Artists/Designers. Want to put your art out there, and work with a team to bring exciting new projects to fruition, from concept to the canvas!

Social Media/Video Media

We're looking for those who are sociable, like long walks on the... nevermind. We need people who have some basic experience in social media roles, video editing, or creative writing.

Available Staff Roles

We are always looking for people to fill the roles below, and while we may not get back to you for some time, do know every application is considered, and we will endeavour to get back to you about what we did and didn't like, and whether or not we feel you have a place with our staff team. The links below will take you to the application threads on, please flesh out your applications!

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