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ozfortress enforces its Community Guidelines along with its Global, Sixes, Highlander and other competitive rulesets using a system of infraction points. You are issued infraction points that correspond to specific rule breaches and carry different points and expiration times. Each player starts with 0 infraction points.

Bans will be issued at different point levels, and carry different ban lengths and game bans depending on how many points you have accrued. Additionally, we list the infractions that can be issued and their corresponding rule.

A Community Ban restricts the player’s usage of all official ozfortress mediums including the ozfortress Discord and website. A Competitive Ban prevents the player from participating in any ozfortress leagues and competitions. Players serving bans will be blacklisted from all ozfortress servers and have their accounts suspended for the duration of the ban. In the event that a player reoffends during their ban period, the additional penalty will be applied with consideration for time served.

Infractions themselves are considered warnings, and as such there are no warnings for offences listed here.

The Infraction team reserves the right to infract or ban players based on the offence, including offences committed whilst that player is already serving an infraction and/or ban.

Ban Levels

  • 40 points = 3 round match ban
  • 60 points = 1 year Community and Competitive Ban
  • 90 points = 2 year Community and Competitive Ban

The 3 round match ban carries across from the offseason, so if it is received during the offseason, it will begin at the start of the next regular season for rounds one, two & three.

Infraction points do not expire after a user is banned. If a user receives a one-year ban involving a Tier 3 infraction, the infraction will still remain for the remainder of the two-year expiry after the player’s one-year ban has been served.


Tier 1 Offences - 10 points (6 months expiry)

  • Repeated delays in Match Organisation, this typically includes:
    • Failing to schedule match time/day multiple times
    • Failing to post necessary match details multiple times (for example, logs, mercenaries, etc.)
  • Inappropriate or unrelated posting in Match Threads, specifically Match Communications.
  • Excessive trash talk (beyond that which can reasonably be considered banter)

Tier 2 Offences - 20 points (1-year expiry)

  • Any attempt to deceive or mislead players, captains or administrators
  • Impersonating ozfortress players without permission
  • Interference with an ozfortress match
  • Disbanding an in-season active roster
  • Destructive server administration / abuse of server remote control
  • Destructive in-game play - including but not limited to:
    • Failure to follow format/config limitations
    • Match Throwing

Tier 3 Offences - 30 points (2-year expiry)

  • Attempting to impersonate or imply affiliation with members of the anti-cheat panel
  • Attempting to impersonate or imply affiliation with members of the behaviour panel
  • Attempting to deceive community members by impersonating a member of ozfortress staff
  • Serious or repeated abuse and/or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to;
    • Witch-hunting
  • Sharing personal, identifiable information without permission/consent from that individual. Sharing of personal/identifiable information sourced from outside of what is considered our community and/or the Team Fortress space;
    • An individual’s personal social media is under assumed privacy and anonymity; and therefore is something we consider outside of our community unless voluntarily shared by the individual.
  • Threats of violence/harm against an individual or group
  • Discrimination of any kind; some examples are;
    • Homophobia
    • Racism (ethnic or cultural)
    • Sexism
    • Transphobia
  • General bigotry/use of derogatory slurs against an individual or group

Ban Probations

Players who have served their ban will automatically have a 12 month probation period applied. Within this period, offences carry higher points and more severe penalties. All typical Ban Levels are observed by these probationary changes, as such 60 points will instantly incur a 1 Year Competitive and Community Ban.

The differences for those serving probations are outlined below:

  • Tier 1 infractions are doubled, and will incur 20 points.
  • Tier 2 infractions are multiplied by 1.5x, and will incur 30 points.
  • Tier 3 infractions are doubled, and will instantly incur 60 points.

Last update: 2022-10-29