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League Penalties

During ozfortress competitions, both players and teams can receive penalties. The level of penalty will vary based on the rule, and the number of offences.

Team Penalties

Teams can accrue Minor, Moderate, and Major penalties during ozfortress competitions.

  • Three Minor penalties = One Moderate penalty
  • Three Moderate penalties = One Major penalty

When teams incur a major penalty, they will receive a deduction of 2 match points for that competition. If a team incurs three major penalties, they will be disbanded.

Rule First Offence Second Offence Further Offences
1.1.1. Format Rulesets Moderate Moderate Major
1.5. Admin Shopping Warning Moderate Major
1.6. Player Integrity Moderate Moderate Major
1.7. Sportsmanship Minor Moderate Moderate
1.9. Staff as Players Warning Minor Moderate
2.8. Forfeits Minor Disbanded -
2.9. Match Throwing Moderate Major Major
3.4.1. Ping Limit Minor Moderate Major
4.6. Player Restrictions Moderate Major Major
6.2. Mercenary Approval Moderate Major Major
7.2. Team Captain Discord Warning Minor Moderate
7.3.1. Organisation Deadlines Minor Minor Moderate
7.3.4. Reorganising Casted Matches Minor Minor Moderate
7.4. ozfortress Match Threads Warning Minor Moderate
7.4.1. Match Thread Requirements Warning Minor Moderate
7.5.2. Playoff Map Selection Warning Minor Moderate
8.4. Aliasing / Distinct Aliases Warning Minor Moderate
8.9.1. Demo Checking Minor Moderate Major
10.1. SourceTV Settings Moderate Moderate Major

Player Penalties

Player penalties are issued in addition to team penalties. Player penalties do carry across competitions, and are specific to the player irrespective of the team. The majority of rules listed above also have player penalties.