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Ultiduo Ruleset

This ruleset was created for Ultiduo 18 and future ozfortress Ultiduo competitions.

Format Specificity

Rules within this ruleset apply explicitly to ozfortress Ultiduo competitions. It is safe to ignore most of the Global Ruleset, as any governing rule needed from the Global Ruleset for Ultiduo is listed below.

Applicable Global Ruleset rules

1. Ultiduo Format

1.1. Class Limits

The following class limits are expected to be observed for official matches. Breaking these limits in any way is considered cheating, and depending on administrator discretion could lead to league penalties or a match result being overturned.

1.1.1. Core Class Limits

  • 1 Soldier
  • 1 Medic

1.2. Unlocks (Whitelist)

The Ultiduo whitelist can be found here.

Failure to observe weapon whitelisting will result in league penalties. For Ultiduo, the following weapons are allowed (please note only two classes can be played):

  • Soldier
    • Rocket Launcher & Rocket Launcher Reskins
    • Shovel & Stock Melee/Reskins
    • Escape Plan
  • Medic
    • Syringe Gun & Syringe Gun Reskins
    • Crusader's Crossbow
    • Bonesaw
    • Ubersaw

1.2.1. Weapon Pickups

Dropped weapons can be picked up - including any medigun.

1.3. Scoring

In Ultiduo, all maps are King of the Hill (KOTH) maps, and follow a best of one win condition with a five minute team clock. Different KOTH maps may vary slightly on overtime timers, locked and unlocked timers (when the point is not able to be captured at the start and when it unlocks) as these are built into the map.

1.4. Golden Caps & Tiebreakers

Each map will be played until a team has scored a round. As Ultiduo maps are King of the Hill (KOTH) maps, no Golden Caps or Tiebreakers are needed.

1.5. Scheduling

Due to the time constraints surrounding Ultiduo 18, once the server connect string is sent, all players must immediately join the server. Failure to have two rostered players readied up in the server within five minutes of the match start time will result in a forfeit loss.

1.6. Substitutes & Mercenaries

Substitutes and mercenaries are not allowed for Ultiduo. If one player on the roster becomes unavailable, please contact an administrator as soon as possible to replace them with another player for the remainder/entirety of the competition, or to disband your team.

1.7. Rosters

1.7.1. Roster Size

As the name Ultiduo implies, you can only have two rostered players. In the event of needing to replace a player, one will need to be removed. To initiate a swap, contact an administrator.

1.8. Forfeiting

Teams are not allowed to forfeit a match within Ultiduo. If you can no longer play in the competition, endeavour to inform your division administrator and ensure they remove your signup before the competition starts so you do not face any penalty. If you cannot complete/play a match when the competition is live, your roster will be disbanded, and both players will face the disband captaincy penalties.

1.8.1. Claiming a Forfeit

If the team hasn't communicated with you within three minutes, or is more than five minutes late, contact your division administrator to claim a forfeit win. Do not wait longer than this as it will affect the remainder of the tournament.

2. Ultiduo Playoffs

2.1. Playoff Match Format

Playoff matches are almost exclusively played as a best of three (BO3) series with maps selected from the map pool. In a best of three (BO3) match, the team that wins 2 out of 3 maps wins the match. Each map should be played as per 1.3. Scoring.

2.2. Playoff Map Selection Order

2.2.1. Best of Three Playoff Matches

For playoff matches following a best of three (BO3) format, the higher seeded team is awarded a map pick advantage prior to bans.

Maps must be played in the order in which they were picked.

Using the Pick/Ban system on your Match Thread:

  1. Team B bans a map
  2. Team A picks a map
  3. Team A picks a map
  4. Team B picks a map

2.2.2. Best of One Playoff Matches

For playoff matches following a best of one (BO1) format, the higher seeded team is awarded two map bans, with the lower seeded team only being awarded one map ban.

Maps must be played in the order in which they were picked.

Using the Pick/Ban system on your Match Thread:

  1. Team B bans a map
  2. Team A bans a map
  3. Team A bans a map
  4. Final map is picked by Team A, however there will only be one map in the pool left to pick.

3. Pausing

Pauses during a match are allowed for any reason, except for immediately after readying up with the intent of delaying the match.

The match may only be unpaused by the team who initiated the pause, with confirmation from the opposing team in in-game chat. Unpausing initiates a five-second countdown.

3.1. Pause Limits

Each team is allowed two pauses per match, with a combined total time limit of five minutes.

3.2. Tactical Pauses

Tactical pauses are allowed but contribute to the pause limits described above. They should not be used to disrupt ongoing plays.

3.3. Pause Command

To pause a match, teams must open their console and send the command: pause. The same command can be sent to unpause the match.

3.4. Repause Command

To allow a player to rejoin the server during a pause, use the command: repause. No warning is required to use the repause command.

3.5. Abuse of the Pause function

If a team is breaching any of the pause rules, a tournament administrator must be contacted immediately.

4. Player Eligibility

4.1. Ping Requirements

Ultiduo will not follow our Global Ruleset Ping or Out of Region rules. Out-of-Region Players intending to join a roster, or play as a mercenary, must meet the in-game ping limit of 150. If you are unsure whether you meet this requirement, prior to the tournament starting you should contact a League Administrator to undergo a ping check. It is the responsibility of Out-of-Region Players to ensure that they satisfy this ping limit before the beginning of the tournament.